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Concluding Observations Of The Committee On The Rights Of The Child (CRC)
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 7 and 8 January 1997.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
[9] The Committee is concerned at the lack of an integrated strategy on children as well as of a systematic mechanism to monitor progress in all areas covered by the Convention, and in relation to all groups of children in urban and rural areas, especially those affected by the consequences of the economic transition. The Committee is also concerned about the need to strengthen the State party’s capacity to collect and process data to evaluate progress achieved and to assess the impact of policies adopted on children, in particular the most vulnerable groups of children.
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prostitutes and Muggers – Sunny Beach Forum.
I have been told there is a big problem with prostitutes in Sunny Beach, even if you are with your partner, and they also try to mug you at the same time, I am going in August with my husband, will we need to avoid any areas.
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Well i have never been before, but from what i have heard, yes there is a few prostitutes but, people only get mugged if they are stupid. It's the same everywhere just don't go around flashing bling or what not. and DON'T (well your married so I doubt it) just don't go to the beach with one of these prostitutes its where they work, they take people's money after taking them to a secluded spot. Just don't worry there are a few people who go every summer on here and they ave said numerous times, they have never been bothered by prostitutes. Just they always said dont be stupid 😉

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